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Access to my property

Access to my property

When we have works planned we will give you prior notice and information about those works.

You’ll receive a letter with the details of the work we’re doing and the planned start and finish time. 

However emergencies can and do occur, and when they do our priority is to restore power to our customers. 

All our employees and contractors working on our behalf carry personal identification which we encourage you to ask to see. 

Western Power employees wear orange hi-vis shirts with our logo and will be in Western Power branded vehicles. 

Western Power has statutory rights of entry and access, which are based on sections 43, 46(9) and 48 of the Energy Operators (Powers) Act 1979 and other legislative provisions.

When you think of Western Power’s network, your first thoughts probably go to the poles and wires in the street, then other electrical assets such as the substations and transformers that you might drive past when you’re out and about. 

However there are other parts of the network that aren’t so visible, and that includes electrical assets which are located within private premises – often commercial buildings. 

From time to time, we need to perform emergency or operational and inspection work on those electrical assets, to ensure they are running safely and are providing a reliable electricity... Read more

Occasionally we need to perform switching tasks on the equipment located in your premises to ensure it’s working safely. Other times we need to check that the site condition meets our standards. 

These visits are normally short (5-10 minutes) and will not affect the electricity supply to your premises.