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Flexibility Services Pilot

Partnering with WA businesses to build flexibility services into commercial and industrial customer solutions as part of our drive to create a more sustainable, reliable and innovative network for the future.

The Whole of System Plan

How our energy needs will be met in the future has been laid out by the Government’s release of its Whole of System Plan

What this means for businesses

Innovative technology for WA’s energy future

The way we use power is changing, new projects, trials and technologies are connecting everyone in the community to an exciting energy future.

A stand-alone power system in Bondallin

A greener grid

Where electricity comes from is changing with more renewables, like wind power and solar energy as customers make the most of WA’s sunshine. Our operations are changing too, from switching to LED streetlights, using hybrid electric vehicles and protecting biodiversity. We are working to create a greener grid for everyone.