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Safety & access

You may have seen a green dome (also known as a green pillar) on your property or in your neighbourhood and wondered, what does a green dome do and why do I have one?

Green domes play an important role in delivering electricity to you – it is the point of connection between your property and the main electrical network that runs along your street.

It is the same electrical wiring that runs from power poles to the top of houses, except underground. The green dome acts as a protective housing for the electrical wires that feed a property.

They are primarily found in areas where there is an... Read more

If you’ve contacted a green dome with your vehicle it’s important you stay inside until you have sought further instruction from Western Power. Wires carrying potentially life threatening amounts of electricity may be in contact with the vehicle which may energise it. 

The safest option is to stay inside the vehicle until help arrives or you’re instructed otherwise by Western Power. If it’s unsafe to stay in your vehicle, jump well clear keeping both feet together. Don’t touch the vehicle and ground at the same time then shuffle away keeping both feet together. Check out this handy video about... Read more