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Electrical contractor service requests

Electrical contractor service requests

1. Application

By completing and submitting a *Service Request the *Applicant agrees to enter into the *Contract with *Western Power comprising the:

a) *Service Request; and

b) *Terms and Conditions,

and commencing upon *Western Power’s receipt of the *Service Request.

2. Review of *Service Request

1) Upon receipt of the *Service Request submitted by the *Applicant, *Western Power will review the *Service Request and determine, in its absolute discretion, whether or not to proceed with the *Service.

2) Following the review of the *Service Request pursuant to clause 1, *Western Power will notify the *... Read more

Network service request forms can be used to request services of a simple nature.

  • Temporary overhead supply
  • Temporary disconnection
  • Phase conversion or upgrade to overhead cable
  • Overhead to underground conversion
  • Meter installation and mains connection – standard supply
  • Isolation of supply to add meter

If electrical work is required an electrical notice will need to be submitted by a licensed electrical contractor, before requesting network services from Western Power

The following services require a Preliminary Notice to be lodged using Building and Energy’s eNotice, prior to submitting a service request:

The following services require a Notice of Completion to be lodged using Building and Energy’s eNotice, prior to submitting a service request:

Upfront payment and automated processing, provides a more efficient, streamlined experience and enables network services to be delivered more quickly.

Network service requests can only be paid by credit card.

'Overhead to underground' service requests do not require payment, as costs are included and paid for as part of the project.

We recommend waiting approximately 45 minutes after you have submitted your Electrical Notice, before completing your service request.

A standard fee is payable for all service requests. Please refer to the relevant application for current costs. 

Is pricing negotiable?

No.  A standard fee is charged for all network service requests.

Service requests that require an appointment, a scheduler will be in contact within 1-2 working days of receiving your request.

Temporary overhead supply and meter installations/quotes should be completed:

  • Within 5-6 business days in the Perth metro and major regional towns
  • Within 10-11 business days in country and rural areas, or
  • 7 business days to provide you with a quote

Electrical services are requested and paid for by licenced electrical contractors.

A refund can be requested if you have not received a service and adequate notice is provided.   

Please contact Western Power on 131087 or email within 3 business days of the service request submission.

Charges will apply if:

  • the crew arrives to find the site is not ready for scheduled work within 15 mins of arriving;
  • crew attendance is no longer required once on site; or
  • A minimum of 24 hours’ notice (before the appointment / visit) is not provided.

Refund requests are considered on a case by case basis.

The original notice number is required to complete the service request application – you don’t need to add the suffix.

  • Notice of Completion - 21 days from submission
  • Preliminary Notice - unlimited time

No. The service request is completed on the address of the meter connected to the premise and is not transferable.

Not all services require the electrical contractor to be onsite.

If the electrical contractor is required to be onsite, a Western Power scheduler will make contact and arrange the appointment.

Services requiring an appointment are:

Typically, one service request will cover one appointment.  For example, replacement of a site distribution switchboard requires one notice and one service request.

In some circumstances multiple properties within one appointment may require additional notices and service requests.  If you need help in determining how may notices and service requests are required, please contact us on 13 10 87.

Disconnection/reconnection of supply to the premise that is not associated with any electrical works. 

If the customer has supply to the property and has been referred to an electrical contractor, then a service request will need to be completed.

No. A temporary disconnection can only be requested after submitting a Preliminary Notice and before submitting a Notice of Completion, as the purpose of this service is to enable electrical work to be completed safely.

For a permanent removal of supply, contact your retailer to request a supply abolishment.

Please contact your retailer to request a supply abolishment.

An 'overhead to underground' service request does not require payment with a valid project for the access charge to the pillar.

A valid project confirms that the customer has paid for the access charge into the pillar.