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The connection of an underground cable from a power pole to a pillar near the front of your property is known as an underground connection. You need to organise an electrical contractor to install a mains cable from the pillar to your meter box to complete the connection.

Running an underground cable from the pole in the street to your property is commonly referred to as a pole to pillar connection. Depending on which side of the road the powerlines are, this may involve drilling under the road. A pillar is then installed inside your property, close to the side and front boundaries. You need to organise an electrical contractor to install a mains cable from the pillar to your meter box to complete the connection.

You can keep an overhead supply when: you have an existing overhead electricity supply to your house, you only require a standard electricity supply, you can meet all the relevant safety requirements, such as clearances near swimming pools, etc., and your power connection has not been abolished (if your power supply has been abolished then you need to apply for a new connection). All new electricity connections and their associated connections must be undergrounded (there are some exceptions in rural areas). New connections can be requested via the Residents tab in new connections.

When subdividing a block you are introducing a new connection to the electricity network so this and all associated connections must be underground.

To connect into an existing pillar you need to submit an application for a new residential connection. Western Power will determine if any additional works are required to connect and provide you a quote. In most instances the only costs will be for a ‘disconnection/reconnection’ service for Western Power to come and terminate your consumer mains.

If you plan to demolish a property, and need the power disconnected and removed so the work can proceed safely, thenfirst speak to your retailer to have your meter removed.

Your retailer will request us to disconnect the power.  We generally remove your meter and connection within 10 business days.

  • For overhead supply we remove the meter and overhead service cables
  • For underground supply we remove the meter. You must arrange to have the underground cable between the pillar and the building removed.

In certain circumstances, your retailer will request you complete theConnections, Disconnections and ... Read more.

Western Power has completed work in your area. Power can be reconnected to your property once you (as the home owner or resident) have checked for any additional steps that you may need to take.    

When you can return to your home, you need to look for a tag or notification on the status of your electricity supply. This will be placed in the meter box, or at the front door if there isn’t enough space in the meter box for the disconnection tag.

If the tag says Temporary disconnectionthe homeowner or other person in charge must arrange for an electrical contractor to complete the required works. Once ... Read more