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Tenders and registrations of interest

Procurement opportunity pipeline

In order to better advise industry of current and future opportunities, this page displays open and future procurement opportunities. Please note this procurement opportunity pipeline may be subject to change without notice. Future tenders may not be included in the pipeline.

Registrations of Interest

Future tenders

To notify us of your interest in a future tender please click the 'Register' button below.

Service Service/product description Anticipated release date
Capacitor Banks Supply and delivery of Capacitor Banks used on the transmission network to provide static and dynamic voltage support and power factor correction for terminal and zone substations. July 2021 Register
Antenna Structure Support Works Development of a panel to supply, design, deliver and install Antenna Support Structures. Services include site establishment, installation of foundations, reinforcement of pre-existing structures and structural assessments. June 2021 Register
MV Power Cable Accessories Supply and delivery of medium voltage distribution power cable accessories for use on Western Power’s 6.6kV, 11kV, 22kV, and 33kV underground distribution systems. July 2021 Register
HV Joints and Terminations Supply and delivery of High Voltage Joints and Terminations. The scope of goods includes the supply and delivery of Heavy Duty Insulated Termination Cable and associated Earthing Kits and In-line Joints to terminate cable ends. January 2022 Register