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Verifiable consent for access to energy data

A registered third party with customer consent can apply to access customers' electricity consumption data on their behalf.

Verifiable consent for access to energy data

Third party details - the company name must exactly match name used in registration

Customer details as registered with the applicable electricity retailer

Frequency of provision

As published to the retailer – As Western Power collects and publishes data to customer retailer, data will be delivered within approximately one business day to the web portal.

Monthly – Third party will select a preferred date in the month to receive previous month’s data for all NMI’s with this selection.

Web portal manual request – Data provision will only occur if requested by third party via web portal.

Access start date

Meter details

Meter 1

Meter 2

This information should include without limitation electricity usage and load data, meter types and models, kWh, kVA and other interval and accumulated data for meters identified above.

Data access will include up to two years of historical energy data. This length of time is dependant on how long I have been associated with the identified metering points.