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Private power poles and cables

A fallen power pole or powerline has the potential to result in a ground fire or electric shock.

If you have private powerlines or a private power pole on your property, it's your responsibility to inspect and maintain them. If you're unsure where Western Power’s network ends and where your responsibilities begin, call us on 13 10 87.

As power poles and powerlines are routinely exposed to inclement weather conditions and pests, they're susceptible to structural damage. Damaged or degraded power poles and powerlines can lead to fires and/or electric shock so it's important that you maintain them.

Have a qualified, licensed professional regularly inspect the condition of private power poles and powerlines as underlying structural issues or internal deteriorations may not be visible to the naked eye.

The diagram shows the separation between network assets and privately owned assets. Further information about ownership of private power poles, powerlines and underground cables is available from Building and Energy (formerly EnergySafety).

Private power pole and network operator’s service cable

Diagram showing the separation between network assets and privately owned assets