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for large commercial and government

truck Working near transmission and communication assets Get access to specific network data for your job risk assessment/safe work method statement, or find out what your options are for works within the danger zone. Read more
Building Upgrade residential electricity supply You want to increase the current supply to a home. Read more
connector Upgrade power supply to a small commercial property You want to upgrade the electricity supply up to a maximum demand of 250A/180kVA. Read more
connector Upgrade power supply to a medium commercial property You want to upgrade the electricity supply to a maximum demand greater than 250A/180kva but no greater than 1300A/1000kVA Read more
connecter Transmission loads and large generators For all transmission loads and generator connections in excess of 1MVA. Read more
plug-circle-check Three phase conversion Convert an existing single phase electricity supply to a standard three phase supply. Read more
Disconnections Temporary transmission network isolation You are doing work that requires part of the Western Power electricity transmission network (33,000-330,000 volts) to be isolated Read more
Distribution Remove or relocate our equipment Do you need us to move a green dome, streetlight, cables, or other electrical infrastructure? Find out the application process and fees for each type of request here. Read more


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Manuals, guides and standards

for large commercial and government

Name Type Download
Artwork on Western Power assets Standard downloadPDF
Un-metered supply network standard Standard downloadPDF
Deciding between overhead and underground construction in road reserves Guideline downloadPDF
Decorative fixtures, signs and banners on our assets Guideline downloadPDF
Material selection guidelines for bedding sand, backfill sand, general backfill around cables Guideline downloadPDF
Safety, Health and Environment policy Standard downloadPDF
Metering code Standard  
WA Service and Installation Requirements (WASIR)   downloadPDF