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How long will it take?

  • 1 week to process application and issue initial invoice for $250 (ex. GST)
  • 1 week to provide a quote once $250 (ex. GST) invoice is paid
  • Your consultant will advise time-frames for completion of the assessment
  • We require a minimum of 16 weeks to plan a transmission network isolation (de-energising a part of the transmission network). If you are planning works within the Danger Zone and it is possible a network isolation may be required it is important to consider this timeframe.

What do I need to complete this application?

Depending on the work you plan to conduct, you may need to provide some of the following:

  • detailed works methodology
  • line survey
  • detailed design drawings in MGA format
  • EPR/LFI report

What if I change my mind?

If changes to the original application are considerable, a new application may be required.

What if I want to cancel my application?

The application can be cancelled at anytime. Cancelled applications will be reconciled on an actual cost recovery basis.

What more do I need to know?

Learn more about working Safely around the network.

How much will it cost?

Costs can vary depending on the works and assessment required, which will be estimated and quoted to the customer 5 business days following the payment of the $250 initial invoice. All services are conducted on a full cost recovery basis.

Working near transmission or communication assets application

Approximate time required to complete application: 5 minutes