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An Embedded Generation Connection application is required to install a new inverter system, change or relocate existing inverters, or add another generation source such as batteries.

This application is for inverter systems with a connection limit up to 30kVA depending on the connection type:

  • up to 5kVA standard single-phase connection
  • up to 15kVA standard three-phase connection
  • up to 30kVA LV connection

For systems greater than 30kVA or exceeding 10kVA per phase, refer to the Inverter system greater than 30kVA to 150kVA or Inverter system greater than 150kVA to 999kVA process.

Who can apply?

Homeowners are responsible for the connection of their inverter system to the Western Power network. However, you may authorise your solar system supplier to apply on your behalf - check with them to confirm what actions you need to take.

Permission from your strata company (if applicable)

If you have shared connection, as is common for strata developments, shopping centres and commercial tenancies you’ll need to consult with your management body before applying.

Embedded Generation Connections

Solar Connection FAQ’s