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Solar Installations: Embedded Generation Connection

If you’re installing an electricity generating system, you’ll need approval before connecting to the Western Power network.

An Embedded Generation Connection application is required to install a new inverter system, change or relocate existing inverters, or add another generation source such as batteries.

This application is for inverter systems with a connection limit up to 30kVA depending on the connection type:

  • up to 5kVA standard single-phase connection
  • up to 15kVA standard three-phase connection
  • up to 30kVA LV connection

For systems greater than 30kVA or exceeding 10kVA per phase, refer to the Inverter system greater than 30kVA to 150kVA or Inverter system greater than 150kVA to 999kVA process.

Who can apply?

Homeowners are responsible for the connection of their inverter system to the Western Power network. However, you may authorise your solar system supplier to apply on your behalf - check with them to confirm what actions you need to take.

Permission from your strata company (if applicable)

If you have shared connection, as is common for strata developments, shopping centres and commercial tenancies you’ll need to consult with your management body before applying.

Embedded Generation Applications

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Embedded Generation Connections

A site evaluation is required to determine the optimal system suitable for the site.

If you’re a Synergy DEBS/REBS customer installing an inverter with a capacity of 5kVA or less, your solar provider will need to also determine the suitable control method (API Cloud Solution or Metering Solution) that is required for ESM during this evaluation.

Installing an embedded generation system (such as solar panels) to a connection point with a revenue and sub-meter arrangement may require the meter to be changed or reconfigured.

With the introduction of Emergency Solar Management (ESM), eligible new and upgraded inverters installed with a capacity of 5kVA or less will need to be capable of being remotely switched off during an extreme minimum demand event.

Visit Synergy for FAQs, fact sheets, installer checklist and the supported devices list.


Before applying, discuss your solar installation plans with your electricity retailer. They'll be able tell you how your system will affect your electricity account and meter.

If applicable, you will need to nominate a control method for emergency solar management as part of your solar application.

Your electricity retailer will provide a Retailer Reference Number (RRN) when your application is approved. This number is required for your connection application with Western Power.

Submit your application online

How much will it cost?

There is no fee for an Embedded Generation Connection Application. However, work may be required to ensure your connection meets Western Power Standards and Requirements.

We encourage you to discuss this with your solar provider and licenced electrical contractor.

How long will the process take?

Most applications are approved within an hour of submission. For applications requiring technical assessment - please allow 15 business days.

What information do I need to apply?

  • Your Retailer Reference Number (RRN) displaying your control method for emergency solar management, if applicable.
  • Technical details of your system, whether it be a new or upgraded inverter or adding to an existing system.

What is my connection type?

Our system will display whether the connection for your address is individual, shared or unknown. The connection type is important to us for assessing your application.

What is technical assessment?

You’ll be advised if your application is sent for technical assessment and if additional information such as site or single line diagrams are required.

How am I notified if my system is approved?

The applicant will receive a preliminary approval email from Western Power. Find out more about the conditions of approval to connect.

What can I do if my application is declined?

If your application is not approved, we’ll provide information on alternative options, whether to alter your proposed system or to modify your connection point. Once you’ve made the necessary changes you’ll need to submit a new Embedded Generation Connection Application.

Once your Embedded Generation Connection application is approved by Western Power your solar provider can install the equipment according to the approved application.

Important technical information for solar installers.

Meter Control

If your system is being meter controlled for ESM, your solar provider will need to understand the wiring and technical requirements involved. Find out more below:

Submit your registration

If a meter change is required, a meter service order (for meter replacement, change or tariff or wiring requirements for ESM) will be triggered upon submission of Embedded Generation Registration form. The following information is required for the form:

  • EGA Application Reference number
  • New inverter serial number
  • Circuit breaker rating – if required

Notice of Completion - allow at least three hours for the solar installer’s Notice to appear on the Western Power system.

Important: Submission of Embedded Generation Registration form will automatically trigger a meter service order (meter replacement, change of tariff or wiring in of the inverter for meter control method), if a meter change is required.

A meter change can take up to 12 days to complete. Western Power will leave a calling card in your letterbox once the work has been completed.

Western Power will notify you once the meter service has been completed so you may start the system and commence generating.