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Looking to set up a new connection, modify an existing one, move our equipment?
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Due to the current economic conditions, we are experiencing a high volume of distribution grid connection and relocation applications as well as seeing the delivery timeframes for some materials items significantly extended. This has resulted in longer timeframes for products and services.

5 simple tips to connect your power

  1. Talk to a professional
  2. Include your site plan
  3. Get your neighbour's permission
  4. Have your site photos ready
  5. Lock in the date

Watch this video before submitting your application to minimise delays and help your project run more efficiently.

How does your house connect to the grid?

Power comes in and you use it, but did you ever think about how the grid connects to your house?

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What to look for in a reliable solar installer in Perth

Thinking about getting solar panels installed? A solar system is a long-term investment, and with so many solar companies out there it’s important you choose wisely.

5 tips to find the right solar installer