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Telecommunication site sharing

To support our electricity network Western Power operates communication sites throughout the South West of Western Australia, from Kalbarri to Kalgoorlie and down to Ravensthorpe.  

These communications sites are accessible to other parties under license for a fee, we call this service Telecommunications Site Sharing (Co-Siting).

Co-siting allows other companies or organisations to install their radio telecommunication assets on our infrastructure, such as a communication tower or substation building, and take advantage of our extensive network of assets.

Telecommunication site sharing enquiry

Take advantage of our extensive network of sites and infrastructure

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Application process

  • Enquiry

    The enquiry phase verifies if the site you're interested in is available.

    How much will it cost? $250 + GST enquiry fee
    How long will it take? We will contact you within 2 business days
    The enquiry process may take 1 week after payment is received
  • Application

    Should you wish to proceed, you can submit an application form, available on request.

    How much will it cost? $4,500 + GST application fee
    How long will it take? We will contact you within 2 business days
    The application process may take 12 weeks after payment is received
    What information do I need to provide? Your application should contain:
    • antenna specifications;
    • proposed installation and hut drawings; and
    preferred hut location (if required).

    Western Power will assess your application and, if approved, provide:

    • results of our tower structural assessment and if reinforcement is required to carry your proposed load, a quote will be provided
    • estimated annual mast rental fees.

  • Execution of contract

    Once the application is approved we sign a site sharing agreement. These typically run from 5-10 years but can be varied to suit your requirements. During this time you will be able to access your equipment via a simple induction and approval process.