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Updates to standards and manuals

As a part of Western Power’s governance and review processes, two key network documents have undergone a full review, resulting in a number of enhancements to ensure continued compliance with regulatory and network requirements in conjunction with policy terms and conditions.

In addition to the anniversary review trigger and format enhancements, the documents have been aligned with recent changes to customer financial, application and connection requirements.

Distribution Un-Metered Supply Standard

This updated edition incorporates new customer supply options inclusive of multiple pit and pillar connections, together with clarification of third party connection access arrangements that are in accordance with Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety and network expectations. In summary the changes include:  

  • Modified terminology for network points of supply. (pillars and pits)
  • Updated definitions for: Authorised person; Electrical contractor; Legacy installations; Point of supply and underground connections
  • Connection and energisation requirements
  • Legacy connection requirements
  • Multiple connection arrangements for pillars and pits
  • Labelling requirements

Distribution Overhead to Underground Conversion Standard (Previously P2P)

In line with the above the latest version of this standard also includes the following changes:

  • Title change to reflect revised connection and application options
  • Modified terminology and augmentation of customer supply options to allow for flexibility at the point of supply (pillars and pits)
  • Clarification of customer connection requirements inclusive of those applicable to strata developments

Distribution Customer Connection Requirements (DCCR)

Parallel to the above this manual has been updated to support recent engineering and design changes initiated by the introduction of: 

  • A new version of the Distribution Substation Plant Manual Chapter 4 (DSPM) previously known as the Distribution Substation Manual Chapter 4 (DSM); and
  • New Service and Un-metered pit connection options.

In summary the changes incorporated into this amended version of the DCCR include:

  • DCCR 1-00-1 FSD and MPD definitions added.
  • DCCR 1-05-1 Service and UMS pit connection options added.
  • DCCR 1-05-1n Service pit and UMS connection notes amended.
  • DCCR 1-05-2 Arch fault containment and ERG connection details added.
  • DCCR 1-05-3 Title block name amended


Should additional information be required please contact us. 

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