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A pyramid diagram starting from the top, or point, of the pyramid to the base, the pyramid is broken into 5 sections stacked on top of each other. Section 1: Network Standards. Section 2: Customer Connection Requirements. Section 3: Design Standards: Section 4: Standards Design. Section 5: Process, procedures, Work Instructions, Guideline, Forms and Templates.

Document type Definition
Network Standards Western Power's Network Standards are top-level technical standards that specify the overall functional and performance requirements for the Western Power Network (WPN) as a whole. These establish high-level technical targets for the system.
Customer Connection Requirements Customer connection requirements are technical standards focused on assisting customers in interpreting Network Standards and understanding the regulatory and functional requirements for connections to the Western Power Network (WPN).They provided a simplified overview of the supported standard connection arrangements and schemes.
Design Standards Western Power's Design Standards are technical standards which establish key design criteria and interpret compliance against industry standards, codes, aligning with Network Standards.
Standard Designs Western Power's Standard Designs are predefined, typical solutions for components or systems that comply with relevant Design Standards. Offered as engineering drawings, templates, and forms, they provide convenient, proven pre-engineered options that save engineering time and costs. A sample set of standard designs are published for information purposes only.  The user must make and rely on their own inquiries as to the quality, currency, accuracy, completeness, and fitness for purpose of any information contained in the documents. The latest versions and complete sets are available through Western Powers accredited service providers. 
Supporting documents

Supporting documents are procedural materials that complement technical standards by providing guidance and instruction for implementation. They include:

  • Procedures – step by step instructions that specify the process for executing work in compliance with standards.
  • Guidelines – Recommended practices, approaches, and methodologies for meeting the objectives outlined in standards. 
  • Work instructions – Detailed instructions for performing a specific task or activity to adhere to standards.

Supporting documents give regulated parties guidance on translating standards into actionable workflows, processes, and tasks. They enable consistency and fidelity in application of standards across Western Power.

Many supporting documents are for internal Western Power use only or made available to contracted Western Power Accredited Service Providers. Some supporting documents have been made available to assist customers in planning for their projects.