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Changes to temporary disconnections and reconnections

Western Power perform temporary disconnections at a customer’s premise so that electricians can safely perform required electrical work. Sometimes the disconnection is for planned work requested by the customer and in other cases it is because a fault has been identified at the property.

We're making some changes to the steps that happen after the electrical work is complete, which you need to know about. The aim is to implement these changes in late March 2020.

What this means for you

  1. You need to complete all fields on the temporary disconnection tag

    We're introducing a new temporary disconnection tag. All the fields on the tag must be completed in full by the electrician before we can reconnect power. If any section is not complete, including the Notice number we cannot reconnect the property.
    You do not need to have submitted the Notice of Completion, to obtain the Notice number.

    How do I obtain the Notice number?
    • Login to your eNotice account
    • Select New Preliminary Notice
    • Select Next
    • Select Save Draft
    • Your notice number will be displayed in the top lefthand corner
  2. You need to submit a Notice of Completion

    Under the Electricity Licensing Regulations 1991 you need to submit a Notice of Completion to Western Power for the work you have done at the premises.

    Notices of Completion must be submitted within 3 working days of completing the work.

    What if I don’t submit a Notice of Completion on time?
    Failure to submit the Notice of Completion within 3 working days is a breach of the Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991 and will be investigated and appropriate action taken.
  3. Requesting a reconnection

    The process for requesting a reconnection once you have completed your work hasn’t changed.

    • Faults
      If the property is being reconnected after a fault, contact 13 13 51 and the next available crew will attend.
    • Service requests
      If the disconnection was requested through a service request via the Western Power website, contact the crew direct once you are ready for the reconnection. You will find their contact number on the temporary disconnection tag, which you should complete in full before calling.
    • Major projects
      For all major projects, you will continue to work with your Project Network Officer (PNO) to arrange both the disconnection and the reconnection.


If you have any questions regarding the changes, please contact us on 13 10 87 referencing the changes to the disconnection/reconnection process.

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