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Ordering and invoicing

Ordering and invoicing

Ariba is an online network that supports collaboration between buyers and suppliers, including allowing suppliers to respond to sourcing events, receive orders and send invoices, and manage their supplier information. See our Using Ariba as a Western Power supplier page for more information.

It does not cost anything to set up an Ariba account for the purposes of responding to tender events or supplier onboarding questionnaires.

Western Power does require suppliers to transact (ordering and invoicing) via the Ariba Network. There are both free and fee-paying options to use the Ariba Network for transacting (orders and invoices) - please see Transacting with Western Power​ for further information about account options available to suppliers.

Our Supplier User Guide - Ordering and Invoicing provides support on these topics, and includes contact information for Western Power and Ariba support. Also see the Ariba support pages.

On your Ariba dashboard main menu, select 'Settings', and then update Order, Invoice and other settings as required.

To submit a service call to Ariba directly, see this our Raising an Ariba Service Call guide.

Additional support can be provided by Western Power

Invoice payment queries: contact Western Power Accounts Payable