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The new work health and safety (WHS) legislation was passed through Parliament on the 10 November 2020, which requires an increased focus on how we consult, coordinate and monitor the safety and health risks with our contracting partners. The regulations will become law on 31 March 2022. Western Power is reviewing and refreshing our Contract Management Framework (CMF) and will be communicating with relevant suppliers and holding a dedicated forum on the changes to the CMF, including WHS. Refer to the work health and safety factsheet for further information.

Ariba is an online Network that supports collaboration between buyers and suppliers, including allowing suppliers to respond to sourcing events, receive orders and send invoices, and manage their supplier information. See the Using Ariba as a Western Power supplier page for more information.

Western Power’s purchase orders contain general terms and conditions. If the purchase order is issued under an existing contract between Western Power and the supplier, then the terms of that existing contract will apply. In these circumstances, the purchase order will include a reference to the contract number of that existing contract. 

Where there is no existing contract between Western Power and the supplier, Western Power’s purchase order terms and conditions will apply.