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Preferred vendor arrangements are established to pre-qualify suppliers for specific goods or services. Being a preferred vendor does not guarantee any work, however it does ensure that the ordering process under the arrangement is more streamlined and does not require suppliers to resubmit their standard safety, environment and quality information, or departures from the commercial documentation.

Information on how Suppliers can register their interest can be found on our Becoming a Supplier page.

Information on upcoming tenders and open Registrations of Interest can be found on the Tenders and registrations of interest.

No, Western Power seeks to obtain the best value for money when purchasing goods and services from external providers. Value for money is a key Western Power objective to ensure that when purchasing products or services, we achieve the best possible outcome, for every dollar spent. This is achieved through assessing the overall costs and benefits to Western Power and the community, rather than simply selecting the lowest purchase price.

Western Power’s purchase orders contain general terms and conditions. If the purchase order is issued under an existing contract between Western Power and the supplier, then the terms of that existing contract will apply. In these circumstances, the purchase order will include a reference to the contract number of that existing contract. 

Where there is no existing contract between Western Power and the supplier, Western Power’s purchase order terms and conditions will apply.

Only under certain guidelines and not during times of Technical Specification development or during the period of an open tender.