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To register your interest in becoming a supplier to Western Power please complete our supplier request form, ensuring all mandatory fields have been completed prior to submitting your details.

See our Becoming a supplier page for more information, and our Tenders and registrations of interest page for information on specific upcoming events.  Note: If your query is in relation to a sourcing event that is in the market, please contact your relevant sourcing manager.

Western Power uses 'preferred vendor arrangement' for many contracts. Preferred vendor arrangements are established following a tender process to pre-qualify suppliers for specific goods or services. Being a preferred vendor does not guarantee any work, however it does ensure that the ordering process under the arrangement is more streamlined and does not require suppliers to resubmit their standard safety, environment and quality information, or departures from the commercial documentation.

'Supplier onboarding' is the process of accrediting suppliers to trade with Western Power through our procurement systems. Western Power utilises the Ariba system to accredit/onboard suppliers, where suppliers can submit and manage information such as insurances, address and banking details. See our Using Ariba as a Western Power supplier page for more information around the onboarding process.

Existing Western Power suppliers will be asked to resubmit their accreditation details in an online format as a once-off activity. Expiring documents such as insurances can then be maintained in an electronic format via Ariba, streamlining the process of updating these important documents with Western Power.