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I have solar panels, do these integrate with the SPS or are they redundant?

If you are a SPS customer and already have solar panels we will ensure that integration of your solar panels with the SPS occurs upon commissioning of the SPS. In this case no action is required by you, we will note your solar panels at the site visit.

If you are an existing SPS customer and considering investing in your own solar panels, you or your solar installation contractor please contact the SPS team via email or phone to discuss your options prior to lodging the solar application with Western Power.

This is to ensure you maximise the utilisation of your own solar installation, and purchase the right size system from your solar installation contractor.

If you choose to install solar panels, the SPS team, or our contractors, will need to install an integration solution for the SPS and your solar panels to work together, therefore the earlier we know about your intentions, the earlier the solar installation can be up and running.