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Helicopter line maintenance

Western Power conducts line maintenance work throughout the year. This challenging but very important work involves using a helicopter to conduct routine maintenance of high voltage transmission lines.

Farmers should consider moving livestock from paddocks with powerlines as the helicopter has to hover low and may need to land for closer inspections and refuelling.

Line Suburb Start Finish
BSN-MR 71 Vasse 2-Mar-21 5-Mar-21
BSN-MR 71 Ambergate 2-Mar-21 5-Mar-21
BSN-MR 71 Jindong 2-Mar-21 5-Mar-21
BSN-MR 71 Boallia 2-Mar-21 5-Mar-21
BSN-MR 71 Kaloorup 2-Mar-21 5-Mar-21
BSN-MR 71 Treeton 2-Mar-21 5-Mar-21
BSN-MR 71 Cowaramup 2-Mar-21 5-Mar-21
BSN-MR 71 Bramley 2-Mar-21 5-Mar-21
BSN-MR 71 Margaret River 2-Mar-21 5-Mar-21
MRT-NOR 81 Merredin 2-Mar-21 9-Mar-21
MRT-NOR 81 Nangeenan 2-Mar-21 9-Mar-21
MRT-NOR 81 Hines Hill 2-Mar-21 9-Mar-21
MRT-NOR 81 Korbel 2-Mar-21 9-Mar-21
MRT-NOR 81 South Doodlakine 2-Mar-21 9-Mar-21
MRT-NOR 81 Kellerberrin 2-Mar-21 9-Mar-21
MRT-NOR 81 South Tammin 2-Mar-21 9-Mar-21
MRT-NOR 81 Cunderdin 2-Mar-21 9-Mar-21
MRT-NOR 81 Waeel 2-Mar-21 9-Mar-21
MRT-NOR 81 Warding East 2-Mar-21 9-Mar-21
MRT-NOR 81 Meckering 2-Mar-21 9-Mar-21
MRT-NOR 81 Meenaar 2-Mar-21 9-Mar-21
MRT-NOR 81 Throssell 2-Mar-21 9-Mar-21
MRT-NOR 81 Grass Valley 2-Mar-21 9-Mar-21
MRT-NOR 81 Muluckine 2-Mar-21 9-Mar-21
MRT-NOR 81 Northam 2-Mar-21 9-Mar-21
MU-NGS X1 Muja 5-Mar-21 12-Mar-21
MU-NGS X1 Cardiff 5-Mar-21 12-Mar-21
MU-NGS X1 Bowelling 5-Mar-21 12-Mar-21
MU-NGS X1 Darkan 5-Mar-21 12-Mar-21
MU-NGS X1 Dardadine 5-Mar-21 12-Mar-21
MU-NGS X1 Williams 5-Mar-21 12-Mar-21
MU-NGS X1 Dumberning 5-Mar-21 12-Mar-21
MU-NGS X1 Narrogin valley 5-Mar-21 12-Mar-21
WKT-BKF 81 Yilkari 10-Mar-21 16-Mar-21
WKT-BKF 81 Karlkurla 10-Mar-21 16-Mar-21
WKT-BKF 81 Kanowna 10-Mar-21 16-Mar-21
NGS-KDN X1 Narrogin valley 12-Mar-21  31-Mar-21
NGS-KDN X1 Boundain 12-Mar-21 31-Mar-21
NGS-KDN X1 Yilliminning 12-Mar-21 31-Mar-21
NGS-KDN X1 Wickepin 12-Mar-21 31-Mar-21
NGS-KDN X1 Malyalling 12-Mar-21 31-Mar-21
NGS-KDN X1 East Wickepin 12-Mar-21 31-Mar-21
NGS-KDN X1 Wogolin 12-Mar-21 31-Mar-21
NGS-KDN X1 Kirk Rock 12-Mar-21 31-Mar-21
NGS-KDN X1 Kulin West 12-Mar-21 31-Mar-21
NGS-KDN X1 Kondinin 12-Mar-21 31-Mar-21
YLN-WKT X1 Southern Cross 30-Mar-21 6-Apr-21
YLN-WKT X1 Ghooli 30-Mar-21 6-Apr-21
YLN-WKT X1 Yellowdine 30-Mar-21 6-Apr-21
YLN-WKT X1 Boorabbin 30-Mar-21 6-Apr-21
YLN-WKT X1 Wallaroo 30-Mar-21 6-Apr-21
YLN-WKT X1 Bullabulling 30-Mar-21 6-Apr-21
YLN-WKT X1 Coolgardie 30-Mar-21 6-Apr-21
YLN-WKT X1 Mount Burges 30-Mar-21 6-Apr-21
YLN-WKT X1 Kanowna 30-Mar-21 6-Apr-21
YLN-WKT X1 Binduli 30-Mar-21 6-Apr-21
YLN-WKT X1 Karlkurla 30-Mar-21 6-Apr-21
YLN-WKT X1 Yilkari 30-Mar-21 6-Apr-21
KDN-MRT X1 Kondinin 1-Apr-21 8-Apr-21
KDN-MRT X1 South Kumminin 1-Apr-21 8-Apr-21
KDN-MRT X1 Wadderin 1-Apr-21 8-Apr-21
KDN-MRT X1 Ardath 1-Apr-21 8-Apr-21
KDN-MRT X1 Bruce Rock 1-Apr-21 8-Apr-21
KDN-MRT X1 Korbel 1-Apr-21 8-Apr-21
KDN-MRT X1 Nangeenan 1-Apr-21 8-Apr-21
KDN-MRT X1 Merredin 1-Apr-21 8-Apr-21

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