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Renewables and our energy future

There’s more growth in renewables on the horizon, with large-scale wind and solar projects currently planned within the next year. This will lead to hundreds of megawatts of new generating capacity on our network.

So what does a future with more renewable energy look like?

Let’s take a look at the alternative energy options powering our grid now and tomorrow.


How your solar panels are connected to the grid

Almost 1 in 3 homes in WA have rooftop solar.

Your solar connects to the grid through your inverter which is attached to your house. 

When the sun starts shining, your inverter 'wakes up' and checks the grid is ready to accept energy as you start making solar power.

Watch the video to see how...

Solar farm regional WA Perth



Solar and the grid

From solar innovation at Amble Estate in Girrawheen, to connecting WA's solar farm to our network, we are involved in several super solar projects.

Renewables are a key part of WA's energy future.

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