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The technology trends driving WA's energy future

New technological solutions are changing the way we operate the electricity grid now in the future.


From pole-butts to community batteries, microgrids to stand-alone power systems, our exciting new tech solutions are transforming the way we generate, use, and store our energy.

Stand-alone Power Systems

Providing reliable power supply to regional WA is a challenge, but that's where SPS can make a difference.

See how SPS are empowering regional communities

Beers and batteries

Beer and electricity systems have more in common than you might think. Really!

Read on to find out more ...

Solar and batteries: The perfect combination

With WA's sunny skies, it's no wonder that rooftop solar is becoming more popular. But with all that sun, your excess solar energy might be going to waste unless it is stored for use later.

So what if you could store your excess electricity and only draw it back out when you need it?

With a community battery, you can store electricity long-term.

Watch the video to learn how community batteries work.

Stand-alone Power Systems (SPS): The solution to regional power reliability

More than 50% of the overhead distribution network in WA is dedicated to servicing around 3% of the population. This means that distance and the size of the network is expensive to maintain - in cost, resources and time. So for isolated, rural customers at the end of a long feeder line, power outages can be a common occurrence thanks to wind, storms and other elements.

So how do we overcome these power problems?

Watch the video to find out how stand-alone power systems are improving access to reliable energy supply.

Green domes: A small, green powerhouse

Ever wondered what the round green thing in your driveway or front verge is?

Well, this green dome is a very important part of the network and helps deliver electricity to your house to power your fridge, TV, laptop, oven and all other electrical appliances. Don't underestimate the small green domes.

Watch the video to find out how important they are...

Microgrids: The reliable, renewable energy solution

WA's grid is evolving and we have been working to bring new technology solutions into the energy mix. Microgrids are one of those solutions. By using localised renewable energy resources, like wind and solar, microgrids benefit rural and isolated customers by providing a more reliable local power source.

So how exactly does it work?

Watch the video to find out...

Advanced meters: Meters the smart way

Did you know that our advanced electrical meters can help unlock future energy opportunities for WA customers? Our advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is a smart meter that talks to our network and is part of the next leap forward in electricity innovation.

How does AMI work?

Watch the video to find out...