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Western Power is preparing the electricity network to support industry and the community as WA progresses towards net zero emissions by 2050.  

From enabling the growth of rooftop solar and rise in electrification of homes and vehicles, to supporting industry to transition to renewable energy resources and facilitating the potential growth of new green industries, we’re working to enable a secure path to a clean energy future.  

A critical step in achieving this is transforming the existing network to support large-scale renewable energy generation needed to enable this extraordinary transition.  

Western Power has been allocated $324 million in the 2024-25 State Budget to support expansion of the State’s main electricity network to drive industry growth and renewable energy in accordance with its SWIS Transmission Infrastructure Plan

  • $126 million provided for Western Power to commence planning and scoping work for vital network enhancement options for the northern, central and eastern corridors of the SWIS.

  • $708 million to plan for an increase in future renewable generation (which includes $575 million for enhancing existing transmission network in the north of the SWIS under Clean Energy Link North and $133 million for SWISDA scoping and planning). 

These investments will ensure the electricity network – one of the world’s largest isolated systems - successfully transitions to an innovative green electricity ecosystem for the future.