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Network Information - Shire of Ravensthorpe


The data presented here (customer numbers, distribution network overhead circuit length, distribution network underground circuit length, as well as the number of distribution network poles) in those local government areas (LGAs) that Western Power fully or partially supplies electricity to.

This data does not include customers or assets from other electricity network suppliers that may also service these LGAs (such as Horizon Power). Circuit Lengths are an estimation for each Local Government Area and do not include those circuits that are exclusively designated for street-light supply.

This data is as of 8 November 2022 and as a consequence, cannot be compared to other similar information either published externally or circulated internally within Western Power.

Reliability information

This includes all unplanned interruptions (excludes planned interruptions and interruptions lasting one minute or less). The reliability data includes delays to restoration due to bushfire settings.

33 hours & 32 minutes

average time without power in 2022/2023 per customer

14 interruptions

on average per customer in 2022/2023

Scheduled work in 2023/2024

Maintenance on:
  • 5 poles and associated equipment
  • 1 earthing
Replacement of:
  • 1 drop out fuse
  • 6 insulators
  • 9 overhead switchgear
  • 1 stay wires and stay insulators
  • 29 wood poles
  • 1 surge arrestors
  • 9 distribution cross arms and insulators
  • 2 distribution pole cross arms
  • 6 meter replacements
  • 66 luminaire