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Install an unmetered supply

For the installation of a new unmetered supply up to 20A.

How much will it cost?

We'll provide a quote

after we complete the scoping and design of your project.

How long will it take?

3 weeks

For the majority of applications to be quoted
For complex applications we’ll contact you within 5 days

10 weeks

To build and energise once payment is received and you’ve confirmed with us the site is ready for construction.

Due to the current economic conditions, we are experiencing a high volume of distribution grid connection and relocation applications as well as seeing the delivery timeframes for some materials items significantly extended. This has resulted in longer timeframes for products and services.

In some situations the installation of a metered supply may be impracticable, you may be permitted to connect via an unmetered supply.

Unmetered supplies are available to local government authorities, government agencies and approved providers of specialised services. They are used for services such as traffic signals, streetlights, signs, railway crossing boom gates and bus shelters.

What to include with your application

  • A site plan

    Provides us with an understanding of your work site, the location of existing and new assets and help us to design your product. It will need to include:

    • Your property
    • Neighbouring properties
    • The location of the supply point
  • Equipment schedule

    An equipment schedule allows us to notify the electricity retailer of the new/changed load of the UMS connection; and, check that the load does not exceed 4.8kW (20A) single phase.

Application process

  • You’ve applied

    We’ll contact you within 10 days to discuss your application and confirm your required dates.

  • You’ll receive a scope

    After our technical assessment we’ll confirm the scope of works with you.

  • You’ll receive design fee invoice

    We design the project to your needs.

  • You’ll receive and access quote

    After the acceptance and payment is received, we’ll schedule the works for delivery.

  • Let us know how we went

    Your feedback is important to help ensure we’re meeting your needs and expectations.

Additional information you need to know

Additional information you need to know
Eligibility Criteria for an un-metered supply

  • An un-metered supply (UMS) may be provided for a consumer’s electrical equipment/device where all of the following criteria is satisfied:
  • The energy usage is consistent and can be readily estimated;
  • The consumer’s equipment/device requires a single phase connection where the maximum load does not exceed 4.8 kW;
  • The load is not subject to consumer controlled variations (i.e. water pumping or air conditioning);
  • The required supply is not of a short duration (i.e. fetes, fairs and festive lighting);
  • The point of supply for the consumer’s equipment/device is installed within public open space or within a road reserve;
  • The consumer’s equipment/device is on the same side of the road, visible from and no more than 25 metres from the point of supply;
  • The consumer’s mains cable supplying the consumer’s equipment/device is installed underground;
  • Each un-metered supply is installed and effectively labelled in accordance with the requirements of the WAER, AS/NZS 3000, UDS, WADCM and the Unmetered Supply Network Standard;
  • It is not physically practical or commercial viable to install a meter (optional)

Standards, manuals and guidelines

Technical documents that provide the necessary information to enable users to comply with statutory requirements and obligations.


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