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Extended outage

Customers affected by power outages lasting 12 continuous hours or more, may be eligible for an $80 service standard payment.

This payment is available to electricity account holders who:

  • are connected to the Western Power grid
  • use less than 50 megawatt hours of electricity a year, which is nearly all houses and most small businesses
  • experience a power outage lasting 12 continuous hours or more
  • had at least 12 hours pass between when we were notified of the power outage and power was restored 
  • have made the claim within 60 days of the date power was restored 
  • did not cause the power outage, either directly or because of equipment under their control
  • had a power outage that was not the result of an emergency action by police, fire or emergency services 
  • did not request the power outage
  • have not previously been paid under the scheme for the same outage at the same address.

New extended outage payment form

If you've got a submeter you can now submit a claim online, you'll need to be able to show proof that you pay for power at the property by uploading a copy of an invoice of receipt.

Customers submitting claim for a master meter will need to click on the 'Find Meter' button to validate their meter.

Please make sure you have your bank account details on hand before making a claim.


Extended outage payment form

Make a claim