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Understanding your power

Ever wondered how electricity gets to your home? Who’s responsible for what and why does your power sometimes go out after a fault? Get the answers here. 

Why we might disconnect your power

Ever wondered why your power may get disconnected for reasons outside of a storm or local fault?

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How do we get power into homes?

The transmission network is like a freeway – it transfers of electricity from where it’s generated by power stations (such as large scale solar, wind, coal, or gas) across long distances.

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How does the grid connect to your house?

Power comes in and you use it, but did you ever think about how the grid connects to your house?

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Energy - roles and responsibilities

The energy landscape can be a little confusing. There seems to be a lot of different players, many different acronyms, and experts. The following is a quick run-down on who does what, and what their responsibility is, within the WA energy landscape.

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