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We install and maintain streetlights on behalf of most local councils. Councils control the location, brightness, and the number of streetlights in their area. Freeway and main arterial road lighting are installed and maintained by Main Roads Western Australia.

How long does it take to repair a faulty streetlight?

Streetlight faults are normally fixed within 5 working days in the metropolitan area and major regional centres (eg Kalgoorlie, Geraldton or Albany) and 9 working days in rural areas.

In most cases, we fix the fault on the day of inspection.

In areas where the power supply is underground, we've seen an increased number of cable faults. These faults are more complex to assess, locate and repair.

Basic cable faults can take up to 12 weeks to repair.

If cabling is non-compliant with standards, a full upgrade of the underground cable system is needed. Full upgrades can take months from design and engineering to planning and scheduling of cable laying.

Seen a faulty streetlight?

If a streetlight doesn't turn on, turn off or flickers, let us know using our streetlight reporting tool.