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$120 service standard payment for outages lasting 12 or more hours

We administer the State Government’s $120 extended outage payment, which is a one-off payment of $120 per any supply interruption that lasts longer than 12 consecutive hours.

The payment is an acknowledgement of the inconvenience for customers who have experienced a long supply interruption while waiting for repairs to be completed and restoration of power to occur. Payment of successful claims will be made to your nominated account within 30 days.

What do I need

  • You must have experienced a network power outage lasting 12 continuous hours or more and meet some eligibility criteria
  • Your meter number, located on the second page of your power bill
  • The correct start and end dates for the outage. Accurate dates increase the speed in which we are able to process your claim and get the funds to you. If the outage is still ongoing and has been 12hrs+, simply add the current date as the end date.
  • Your BSB and Bank Account number. Please take the time to ensure the accuracy of these details to ensure your payment can be processed as quickly as possible.
  • If submitting for a Sub Meter, you will need to attach a photo or scanned copy of the account/invoice you received from your electricity bill provider.

Please note: Account holders will not be eligible for payment if the power outage is caused by the account holder or any equipment or assets (including privately owned electrical installations) at the property of the account holder.

Customers who receive bills from a strata management or other similar shared groups, and not from an energy provider, are eligible for an extended outages payment if the loss of power is network related.

Extended outage

As soon as power has been restored, customers who've experienced an outage longer than 12 hours can apply for an extended outage payment.