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Basic Embedded Generation Connection Technical Requirements

We're responsible for the development of standards in relation to connection requirements for customers and customer generation equipment. We aim to ensure equitable access for all customers based on connection service and network type for embedded generator systems. To provide guidance for installers and consumers we have released a new Basic Embedded Generator Connection Technical Requirements focused on standard connection service customers. The new requirements introduce export limits for larger systems and the management of distributed energy resources through authorised agents.

Basic Embedded Generator (EG) Connection Technical Requirements The Basic Embedded Generator (EG) Connection Technical Requirements provides users of basic embedded generation (EG) connections, information about their obligations for connection to, and interfacing with Western Power’s low voltage (LV) distribution network.
Distributed Energy Resources Management Validation Principles

This DER Management Validation Principles is specifically for the purposes of DER management and outlines how the basic functional requirements for the remote disconnection and reconnection of EG systems will be verified and monitored.

Information Session: New technical requirements for the solar industry - 2 December 2021