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How will underground power benefit me?

  • Improved public safety – with improved street lighting neighbourhoods are safer, and by removing poles there are less car collisions.
  • Improved reliability and security – once the power is underground, you’ll experience fewer disruptions after major storm events, which means fewer power outages.
  • Improved street appearance – who doesn’t want to live on a nice looking street? No power lines create a more aesthetically pleasing neighbourhood.
  • Increased property value – the absence of poles and wires and the inclusion of new street lighting has a positive impact on property values.
  • Reduction in street tree pruning – no need to worry about trees getting in the way of poles anymore! Property owners and Local Government Authorities (LGAs) also save on maintenance costs, while also allowing the tree canopy to flourish.
  • Lower life-cycle costs – underground power has minimal maintenance and operating costs.
  • Improved opportunity for emerging technologies – helps pave the way for innovation and caters better to future power demand.