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What are the benefits of SPS to me and my regional community

SPS benefit all WA customers, particularly those in regional WA.

SPS provide a new reliable energy solution for customers on rural properties serviced by long powerlines.

SPS provides customers with a more reliable power supply, generating enough renewable power to service the needs of farming businesses and homesteads. Over five years, the first properties to have SPS units installed, reduced their power outages up to 90% and had more reliable power at their shearing sheds, homesteads and farm operations resulting in better productivity for those businesses, and their operations became more renewable too. 

From a network perspective, SPS are more cost-effective as they remove the need to maintain powerlines and poles at the end of spur lines, saving WA taxpayers millions in infrastructure costs and reducing bushfire risk. These redundant power lines will be removed and the savings reinvested into more technology and infrastructure upgrades to build a smarter, more reliable and greener energy future for our regional customers.