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Stand-alone power systems

Stand-alone power systems

Stand-alone power systems (SPS) are an exciting new way we’re improving power reliability for regional customers. SPS works independently of the main electricity grid to store and deliver power to households and small businesses. It uses renewable energy such as solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, battery storage, inverter(s) and where required, a backup diesel generator. We look after the installation of all SPS and all ongoing maintenance.

For regional customers located in areas with powerlines that stretch over long distances, having SPS means:

Improved power reliability and quality: Customers can expect significantly less power outages

Better value: It’s cheaper to install and run SPS in some regional areas than it is to replace and maintain hundreds of kms of powerlines.

Flexibility: SPS units can be adapted to suit a customer’s changing energy needs.

Lowers bushfire risks: Increasingly, regional areas are subject to intense bushfires and SPS helps reduce the risk.

Decrease in land access: Our footprint in most cases will be... Read more

A SPS is a self-sufficient power unit. Energy is generated through solar panels providing power to the property and keeping the unit’s batteries charged for when the sun isn’t shining. A backup generator also kicks in when needed to keep energy flowing. The unit operates independently of the main electricity grid to store and deliver reliable power to a household or business.

SPS projects:

Stand-alone power systems (SPS) offers a reliable, cost-effective alternative in rural areas to vast lengths of powerlines that currently connect only small groups of customers. In selected regional locations, SPS technology is a more efficient option when compared to current and forecast network costs.

SPS projects:

We review and determine which customers will be moved over to SPS. Customers located across the Mid-West, Wheatbelt, South-West and Great Southern regions of WA can benefit from SPS. These areas of the network have been identified as a significant challenge for operating and maintaining the network for customers.

SPS customers are selected based on:

single or small groups of customers located on the edge of the grid, which are due for network asset replacement

the cost of replacing network assets compared with providing SPS to these properties

customer loads

network topography

maintenance... Read more

We cover all costs for the SPS asset replacement program. This includes site visits and investigations, system installation and ongoing maintenance. Customers will continue to receive a bill from Synergy for the electricity they use. The cost per unit of electricity is the same as network-connected customers, so if your electricity usage stays the same, so will your bill.

Want to lower your power bill? Find easy and energy efficient changes you can make at

Please call our faults line on 13 13 51 and we’ll send our crew over to resolve the issue.

Having SPS in rural areas, provides a reliable and cost-effective alternative to having vast lengths of powerlines that currently only connect small groups of customers. In some locations, SPS technology is a more efficient option when compared to current and future traditional network costs.

The success of our SPS program has resulted in a strong interest from regional families and businesses who are keen to have an SPS installed on their property. Currently, only customers who live on properties that we’ve identified are eligible. We proactively contact customers who meet the eligibility criteria.

As part of our asset replacement program, we’re now making SPS available for both new and existing Western Power customers who don’t live on the edge of the grid and are considered eligible to participate.

The size of a SPS is determined by the location’s existing transformer size, connection arrangement and customer’s usage patterns and energy demand. A SPS customer’s maximum load will be based on the original connection allowance, not on the maximum you can draw from the network. You can modify your connection (increase or decrease your maximum load) at your own cost, by

If you want to remove a SPS from your property, you’ll need to contact the SPS team directly on 9326 4140 or email us.

Please call our customer service team on 13 10 87.