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Vegetation and fauna

Vegetation and fauna

If you still have power but there are bees in your dome please call 13 10 87 and we will log a job for someone to come and remove the bees.

If you have lost power as a result of the bees please call 13 13 51 to report a fault.

If you can see white ants on one of our poles, please call 13 13 51 and we will send a crew out to inspect.

Our tree and powerline safety brochure will assist with most of your questions in relation to vegetation. If you need any further information please call us on 13 10 87.

In urban areas, the minimum clearances are typically 2.5 metres to the side and 2 metres below the powerlines, while in semi-rural and rural areas the minimum clearances are typically 4 metres to the side and 2.5 metres below.

However, the clearance zones may vary in your area depending on the type of conductor used to transport electricity, the fire risk and distance between two poles (span).

Allow for reasonable regrowth when trimming your trees, so they can be maintained outside the clearance zones all year round.

For full details about safe tree distance, view our tree and powerline... Read more

If branches overhang powerlines, please have them removed - there should be no branches within the clearance area above powerlines.

Due to recent changes to the EnergySafety guidelines, and to maintain a safe and reliable network, Western Power may trim branches above powerlines that had not previously been trimmed. Should this occur you will receive an invoice for the work.

If your trees require trimming we recommend you hire a professional tree pruner or arborist as it is dangerous to trim trees anywhere near powerlines.

For further information, contact The Tree Guild of WA.

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