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What is a green dome / pillar?

You may have seen a green dome (also known as a green pillar) on your property or in your neighbourhood and wondered, what does a green dome do and why do I have one?

Green domes play an important role in delivering electricity to you – it is the point of connection between your property and the main electrical network that runs along your street.

It is the same electrical wiring that runs from power poles to the top of houses, except underground. The green dome acts as a protective housing for the electrical wires that feed a property.

They are primarily found in areas where there is an underground power supply.

Green domes can be found in areas with overhead power poles and wires, in particular public areas like parks and roadsides, or where new houses have been built in the area (as all new subdivisions must install underground power connections).

It’s easy to miss them, as they are coloured green to blend in with natural surrounds, however it is important to remember that they play an important role in supplying your property with power and, if damaged, pose the same risk as a downed powerline. If you see a damaged green dome, it is important you report it to Western Power immediately on 13 13 51. 

You can also apply to relocate your green dome or convert your overhead power supply to underground.