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Green domes / pillars

Green domes / pillars

You may have seen a green dome (also known as a green pillar) on your property or in your neighbourhood and wondered, what does a green dome do and why do I have one?

Green domes play an important role in delivering electricity to you – it is the point of connection between your property and the main electrical network that runs along your street.

It is the same electrical wiring that runs from power poles to the top of houses, except underground. The green dome acts as a protective housing for the electrical wires that feed a property.

They are primarily found in areas where there is an... Read more

Green domes should be clear and accessible at all times so that our crews or electrical contractors can access the electrical wiring as needed.

We may require access to repair/isolate power in an emergency, repair a fault, replace a damaged green dome cover or change the position of your electricity supply. By having the green domes visible and clear of interference, we can maintain and isolate the underground power with minimal disruption to customers.

To ensure access, green domes should be kept vertically unimpeded and have a 500mm clearance zone around the base of the unit. This includes... Read more

Human interference is the main cause of damage to green domes.

This includes vehicles driving into or over the green dome, construction/building activity, landscaping activity and people playing or jumping on the green dome.

Grass or bushfires also lead to green dome damage.

If you or somebody in your presence damages a green dome, report it to Western Power immediately on 13 13 51.

Remember, a damaged green dome is as dangerous as a downed powerline. 

There are multiple types of pillars that you may come across in your area, all with a similar function - to get power safely and efficiently to your property.

The most common type is the green dome (also known as green pillar or mini pillar). Traditionally, the shape of these pillars has been dome-like, hence the nickname 'green dome'. There's also more of these types of pillars in the community than other types.

In 2018, we changed the standard pillar shape to rectangular for all new installations. So you'll see more of these popping up in the future.

Uni pillars are a larger version of a green ... Read more

Not all houses in underground power areas have their own green dome. Some green domes can service multiple properties, so you may see one for every second or third property along the street.

Where it's part of undergrounding work that we deliver, green domes are installed by Western Power crews or our approved contractors. We have specific requirements as to how the green domes must be installed to ensure they operate efficiently and safely.

Private electrical contractors also install green domes when they are doing work for private customers, such as residents, builders or land developers. Western Power does not own all the green domes / pillars in the community. Some are privately owned and maintained as part of an installation, or by utilities such as the Water Corporation.

If you’ve contacted a green dome with your vehicle it’s important you stay inside until you have sought further instruction from Western Power. Wires carrying potentially life threatening amounts of electricity may be in contact with the vehicle which may energise it. 

The safest option is to stay inside the vehicle until help arrives or you’re instructed otherwise by Western Power. If it’s unsafe to stay in your vehicle, jump well clear keeping both feet together. Don’t touch the vehicle and ground at the same time then shuffle away keeping both feet together. Check out this handy video about... Read more