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Service Apparatus Connection Scheme (SACS)

Service Apparatus Connection Scheme (SACS)

SACS is one of the main methods (Schemes) we use to allow metered connections, connect to our network.

To provide Western Power with a more stringent and safe network connection scheme that focuses on enhanced levels of worker safety and public safety.

Western Power will conduct annual desktop, technical and training audits. Competency, safety and technical assessments will be conducted onsite.

To provide safety assistance if required when working on live equipment.

To confirm the accuracy of meter testing if not using a downloadable device.

Fourth year apprentices are permitted to carry out testing under supervision of a SACS accredited participant providing the apprentice has completed the following:

  • the relevant TAFE testing module
  • they have qualified for a Network Authority Card
  • SACS Service Connection training

IMPORTANT: SACS accredited Fourth year apprentices must carry out the SACS Service Connection testing, not act as the witness.

Yes, provided that they have and use the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.

All work carried out on Western Power’s assets will need to comply with Western Power’s Distribution Works Practice Manual (see section on Protective clothing) as a minimum.

The electrical company or the individual electrical worker will be required to provide this.

To provide a zero voltage reference level free from spurious induced voltages, which may be present in the bonded earthing system.

At a minimum you will be required to have the appropriate tools to perform the Service Connection Testing as described in the SACS documentation.

No, the electrical contractor must be SACS accredited.

At least one (1) to remain accredited.

Tag the pillar out of service and notify Western Power faults on 13 13 51.

No, it must be done at the load terminals of the meter as the premise should not be energised at this stage.