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What do I do if my power is being turned off?

Information and tips for how to prepare:

  • If you have a monitored security alarm without a backup battery or other equipment such as a lift, you may like to consult with your service provider, or investigate the use of a generator
  • Cordless phones do not operate without mains power so we recommend having an alternative phone available
  • Power fluctuations may occur when power is restored, so it’s helpful to unplug sensitive appliances prior to and for the duration of the outage, for example computers and TVs to reduce the risk of damage
  • Unplug electric heaters or air conditioners so they are off when power is restored
  • Adjust your fridge and freezer to the coldest setting
  • If you have solar panels, you may wish to check that your system is back on after the outage.  Not all solar inverters will switch back on automatically after a power outage
  • If you have automatic garage doors or security gates, know how to operate them manually or leave your car parked outside
  • Lifts and escalators may not operate during the power outage
  • Leave a light on inside your house, so you know when power is restored
  • Visit the HealthyWA website for tips on reducing the risk of food-related illness during power outages.