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Self-read meter customers

Self-read meter customers

Some our customers are registered as 'self-readers.' They read their own meter and provide the reading to us, then we validate it and pass it on to Synergy for billing. 

Some of these customers are known as 'mandatory self-readers' because meter reading services aren’t available in all locations. 

Other customers are known as 'non-mandatory self-readers' because they have registered as self-read via arrangement with Synergy. 

Readings can be provided online or by phone via 1300 662 708. To change your preferences contact Synergy directly.

If you are a self-reader, you can submit your readings online. We’ll send you an email or SMS when your reading window opens.  

You can also submit your reading over the phone by dialling 1300 662 708 and following the prompts using your telephone keypad. You will need your NMI number and meter number for this option. 

Not sure how to read your own meter? 

View our guides on how to read your meter.  

Submitting your readings by phone

The phone option is not compatible with meters that have five or more channels or residences with more than one meter with the same NMI. 

If you have one of these... Read more

If you want to become, or cease being, a self-read customer please contact your retailer, Synergy.

Once you have opted to become a self-reader, you’ll get a welcome email from us giving you access to the portal to set up your preferences, assign nicknames to meters and check out the instructions to read your particular meter.

We’ll notify you when it’s time to read your meter.

NMI stands for National Metering Identifier. 

Your NMI: 

  • Will always start with the digits ‘800’ and is 11 digits in length 
  • Can be found on you ‘self-reading due’ reminder notification from Western Power (either email or SMS), and 
  • Can be found on your most recent Synergy bill, under the section ‘Your energy supply details’ on page 2. 

Don’t have a reminder or electricity bill handy? Please contact Synergy to be provided with your NMI

Yes please! Giving us regular bi-monthly meter readings will make your electricity bills as accurate as possible.

It’s so we can capture in our database how much energy you’ve used and this will ensure the amount your retailer charges you accurately reflects your consumption.

We like to get a meter reading from you when your reading is due, so we know exactly what you’ve used. If you do not submit your reading within the required time frame, we will provide your retailer with an estimated consumption value, which we will do by estimating the amount of energy you’ve used since the last meter read.

Please refer to the ‘self-reading due’ reminder notification from Western Power (either email or SMS) for the details of when your reading is due.

You can only submit a meter reading when your reading is due. Your reminder notification will be sent on the day your reading window opens, this will advise you the last day a reading can be submitted.

 If we don't receive your reading by the due date, we'll substitute your reading based on previous usage and Synergy will estimate your bill.

Sometimes it's easy to make mistakes, for example submitting your reading back-to-front, or just entering the incorrect reading. If a reading submitted to us fails our validation checks, we are required to determine whether or not the reading is acceptable. In cases where a reading is deemed unacceptable or fails validation, we are required to provide a substitute to your retailer in line with the Metering Code.

Our system considers the following factors to give the most accurate substitutions as possible: 

  • The time of year (so we’ll assume you use more energy during the winter and summer months and less in autumn and spring). 
  • The history of your energy use, based on the meter readings you’ve sent us and annual readings we’ve taken. 

If you are a self-readeryou are required to assist us by submitting a photograph of the meter/s at your property once per year. 

If you submit your reading online by scanning your meter or using a photo, that’s all we need. 

Our metering team will contact you requesting an electronically submitted photograph of the meter via:

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