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Meter replacements

Meter replacements

In addition to replacing meters that are reaching the end of their useful life, we can replace meters for reasons which assist us to provide services more efficiently (such as remote reading), or to keep up to date with technology advances and system compatibility.

Replacement of your meter is part of our commitment to ensure reliable and efficient electricity supply. Typically, our routine maintenance programs target meters that are reaching the end of their useful life. Proactively replacing meters ensures you can have confidence in the reliability of the meter readings that form the basis of your electricity bill. 

If we have initiated replacement of your meter for maintenance purposes, there are no charges associated with this work. However, if you have requested a metering service from your retailer (e.g. to change your tariff or install solar panels) a charge may apply. Your retailer should advise you of any charges that apply at the time you request the service.

The meter at your property is owned by Western Power. We replace meters to ensure the network - and your electricity supply - are safe and reliable and so you can be confident that your electricity usage and generation is being measured accurately.

If your meter and switchboard are accessible, you don't need to be home for the installation, however, please make sure there is clear and safe access. If we're unable to access the meter and switchboard because of a locked gate, an unrestrained pet or because the meter and/or switchboard are inside, we'll leave a card in your letterbox with instructions.

All authorised Western Power staff and contractors carry formal identification provided by Western Power. You can ask to see their identification at any time.

Please follow the instructions on the card, or contact our customer experience team on 13 10 87 during business hours to arrange a convenient time for us to undertake the work.

We'll need to turn off your electricity supply for approximately 20 to 30 minutes to safely replace your existing electricity meter. If you're home while our team member is working, we'll let you know before switching your power off. If you're not available, we'll carry out the work and leave a card to let you know the job has been completed.We understand it is difficult to be without power so whenever it is safe to do so, we perform our maintenance on a ‘live network’. However, on this occasion, we can only safely carry out this work with the power supply turned off.Once the electricityIn a small number of cases we detect faults related to the wiring on the customer side of the meter. If this happens, we are required by law and for safety reasons to turn off and disconnect the meter. If this occurs, you will need to engage a licensed electrical contractor to locate and repair the fault before the electricity supply can be restored.... Read more