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Meter reading

Meter reading

The electro-mechanical digital display meters have a six-digit display similar to the odometer of your car. To read these meters you simply write down the figures that are displayed.

Digital meter with a reading of 059745

Download the How to read your digital meter PDF

The meter box is the customer’s responsibility and you should contact an electrical contractor who will be able to repair or replace it.

You should contact your retailer who will be able to discuss the situation with you.

You're entitle to a copy of your consumption data for free twice a year.

Please allow us two days to process the request.

To request a copy of your metering data, contact us

Western Power’s meter reading processes vary slightly depending on the customer and the type of meter.

Manual read carried out by Western Power 

We will read your meter either monthly or bimonthly depending on your tariff.

A meter reader will visit your premises and take the read. If it is not possible for to take a read they will leave a skipped read card explaining why and the read may be estimated.

Once the read is taken, the meter reader will upload the reading to our system, which validates your read against the site's previous history of consumption. If the reading doesn’t validate, we do a... Read more

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