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Advanced meters - connections, billing and data

Advanced meters - connections, billing and data

Please contact your retailer for billing information.

Please contact your retailer for billing or tariff information.

All electricity meters used in Australia are factory tested in line with strict government standards to ensure that the meter accurately measures electricity consumption. If you have concerns about your electricity bill please contact your retailer.

All digital meters use a small amount of energy to function but this is not registered or displayed by the meter, and so you won’t be charged for it. The meter only shows what your household consumes and does not include any energy required to power the meter.

Advanced meters record your energy usage in 30 minute intervals. Western Power groups readings and provides it to your retailer once a day.

Advanced meters cannot capture your personal information such as name and address data or transfer it across the network. The only information an advanced meter sends is related to your energy usage and this data is encrypted to a very high standard.  The data Western Power receives from AMI meters is only provided to those with rights to access the data such as the consumer and the consumer’s electricity retailer.

Western Power has put in place significant measures to ensure information remains safe and secure and is not accessed by unauthorised parties.

Your retailer will notify you to push a button on your meter to return electricity to your property.
Access your meter box if it's safe to do so. Push and hold the right hand button on your meter for a few seconds until you hear a click. You'll see the word 'connected' on the display on your meter.

We don't have any way to determine if it is safe to bring power back to your property. You should make sure that you check for unsafe situations (like a stove switched on) before turning on your main switch or pressing the button on your advanced meter to restore power.

Make sure your main switch is on. If it is on then check your RCD (residual current device) switch.

If your meter box is locked you will need to talk to your building manager or strata company to obtain access.