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Advanced meters - communications equipment

Advanced meters - communications equipment

Advanced meters send electricity usage information to Western Power using communications equipment, also known as 'access points' which are installed mainly on existing power poles and streetlights.

Yes, in areas that have suitable above ground power or metal streetlight poles. In some areas we may need to erect a new pole.

Any new poles will be placed on the road verge. They are 6.5 metres high and metal, similar to a streetlight pole.

We consider a range of factors when selecting a pole location. They include safety, technical performance, environmental impact (e.g. choosing a location where minimal clearing is required) and impact on surrounding residents and businesses.

We send a letter and feedback form to surrounding landowners and occupiers, the Local Government Authority, and the local Member of Parliament to invite feedback on the planned location. The comments provided via the feedback form are part of our consideration for the final location of the pole.

These poles are considered essential to operate the network, so we are exempt from requiring a Development Approval under the Electricity Corporations Act 2005 Section 60(3)(b). However, we'll be liaising with all Local Government Authorities and consideration will be made to the relevant Local Planning Scheme.