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How do I apply for solar power in a lifestyle village, large strata or other multi-residential site?

Stratas, lifestyle villages and other multi-residential sites usually share a single connection to the grid.  These properties can have tens or even hundreds of homes behind a 'shared connection', which means that the combined total of installed solar generation can easily pass the 30kVA limit. Above this limit an installation needs to comply with more complex connection requirements and higher costs associated with the larger (above 30kVA) application.

To allow residents of such sites to take advantage of solar power an exemption is available to the land-owners or their representative e.g. the strata management company, of multi-residential sites to allow these sites to contain up to 500kVA of generation without incurring the fees associated with a larger application.

This exemption is applied for by the land-owners of the site or their representative.

How this may affect your application:

  • The land-owners of the site or their representative will need to apply for an exemption before a solar application can be processed
  • An approved exemption will describe a maximum amount of solar that can be installed at a site, how this allowance is shared among residents of the site is the responsibility of the land owners or their representative – you will need to check with them before applying
  • Within the exemption, individual homes can have up to 5kVA of generation but the land-owners or their representative may advise that a lower limit needs to apply
  • Once the exemption is in place you may need to quote the exemption identification number during your solar application

Multi residential land-owners

  1. Further technical information is available on the Multi-residential exemption application form

  2. This application requires the certification of a suitably qualified registered electrical engineer.
    Find an engineer via the National Engineers Register