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Conditions of approval to connect an inverter energy system

Date effective: 14 February 2022

The terms used in these conditions have the same meaning as in the Western Australian Service and Installation Requirements 2021.

1. Approval is void should the application details be subsequently found to be invalid.

2. The approved system must:

  • not be connected after the expiry date recorded on the approval
  • be connected via a Western Power approved import/export meter
  • be installed as detailed in the approved application (including diagrams) and, if special operating
    conditions are applied, to comply with the conditions before commissioning
  • have switches/breakers installed to legislative and network operator requirements
  • be designed for a maximum voltage rise within the installation of less than 2% or 4.8 V as per
    AS/NZS 4777.1:2016
  • use CEC approved products with compliance to extra requirements of volt-watt, volt-var,
    IEC 62116, VDRT (new equipment)
  • comply with Western Power’s Basic and LV EG Connection Technical Requirements

3. All electrical installation, commissioning and maintenance work wherever required must be carried
out by an electrical contractor licensed under the Electricity (Licensing) Regulations, 1991.

4. Western Power may inspect the installation from time to time to ensure continued compliance with
these requirements. If we consider that the installation poses a threat to safety, to quality of supply,
to the integrity of the distribution system or does not conform with Western Power technical
requirements we may disconnect the equipment.