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Solar connections

Solar connections

Single line diagram

A single line diagram (SLD) needs to contain information on the installation wiring from the point of supply off the Western Power network, through to all the inverters on site, including where the customer’s load is connected. 

It also needs to contain information on all protection devices and switches, as well as any communications required to achieve the desired operation of the system (i.e. self-consumption, export limit, etc.).

SLDs must use correct electrical symbols (as per Table J1 of AS/NZS 3000:2018) and should contain at least, but not limited to, the following... Read more

Date effective: 1 January 2018-->

The terms used in these conditions have the same meaning as in the Electricity Networks Access Code 2004.

1. The approved inverter system must not be connected after the expiry date recorded on the approval.

2. Approval is void should the application details be subsequently found to be invalid.

3. All installations must:

Have Western Power approved import/export metering

Be installed as detailed in the approved application (including diagrams)

Have switches/breakers installed to legislative and network operator requirements

4. For new installations:

New inverters must... Read more

Your connection point has a fixed capacity. If it is shared with other customers, potentially multiple new systems could be added and exceed that capacity. This can make it unsafe and unreliable.

Shared connections must be managed to ensure that all customers have access to a safe and secure electricity supply as well as the opportunity to connect to benefit from renewable energy solutions.

Before applying to connect this type of equipment, tenants or owners with shared connections should first seek permission from their strata company or management body to use a portion of the total network capacity allocated.

Failing to do this may prevent others from connecting their equipment, or require the management body to upgrade the connection to our network to accommodate the needs of all owners and or tenants.

It's important to remember that the strata company or management body is ultimately responsible for the management of the common connection to the network and the common... Read more

Shopping centres, commercial tenancies, strata schemes and other grouped properties typically share a single connection point to our network that determines the total allocation of available electricity supply and generation capacity to be shared by all lots.

This connection point has a fixed capacity, so it's important for tenants, owners and prospective purchasers to be aware of the arrangements and obligations relating to the connection, as it may restrict their ability to install equipment such as home EV charging stations, rooftop solar panels and batteries.

The revenue meter is required to be changed or reconfigured to measure bi-directional energy flows (import – export meter registers) before the connection of the embedded generation system. Please contact your electricity retailer before applying to Western Power for technical approval of your proposed system.

If a sub-meter is associated with the connection point at which bi-directional flows will occur, you may wish to engage a licensed electrical contractor to change the sub-meter and make the necessary arrangements with you at the revenue meter.

If bi-directional flows will occur at a... Read more

Your connection will either be an individual connection or a shared connection.

Each connection has a ‘generation allocation’, or amount of solar, it can accommodate.

When you make an application to us to connect solar PVs our system will show whether the connection for the given address is individual, shared or unknown. The connection type is important to us for assessing the application. 

Individual connections have their own connection and generation allocation. 

Shared connections share a connection and generation allocation with others in the same development. 

Unknown means we must review to... Read more

You need Western Power approval if:

you are installing a new solar system, or relocating an existing solar system, or changing or upgrading an existing system or replacing an inverter.

But if you are doing like-for-like maintenance work or only changing PV* panels, then no application is required. 

Like-for-like maintenance work means it has the same maximum power rating, same phase, same quantity and/or has a Western Power approved battery (current CEC approval and volt var, volt watt, IEC 62116).

For all other work you will need to apply via our application page.

Please note - if you have a... Read more

Stratas, lifestyle villages and other multi-residential sites usually share a single connection to the grid.  These properties can have tens or even hundreds of homes behind a 'shared connection', which means that the combined total of installed solar generation can easily pass the 30kVA limit. Above this limit an installation needs to comply with more complex connection requirements and higher costs associated with the larger (above 30kVA) application.

To allow residents of such sites to take advantage of solar power an exemption is available to the land-owners or their representative e.g. the... Read more

Residential applications can only be approved up to 30kVA.

In small strata situations – where 2-4 homes can sit behind a single connection - it is possible that your neighbours have already installed enough generation that the amount you requested is not available. You will need to apply for a system with a limit that works within the remaining amount.

In larger stratas: lifestyle villages or residential developments, the land owners of the multi-residential site or their representative e.g. the Strata management company may need to apply for an exemption to allow residents to connect solar... Read more