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Do I need permission from my strata company before applying for my connection?

Strata schemes typically have a single connection point to the Western Power network that determines the total allocation of available electricity supply and generation capacity to be shared by all strata lots.

This connection point has a fixed capacity, so it's important for strata lot owners and prospective purchasers to be aware of the arrangements and obligations relating to the connection, as it may restrict their ability to install equipment such as home EV charging stations, rooftop solar panels and batteries.

Before applying to connect this type of equipment, strata lot owners should first seek permission from their strata company to use an allocation of the total network capacity allocated to the strata scheme.

Failing to do this may prevent other strata lot owners from connecting their own equipment, or require the strata company to upgrade the connection to the Western Power network to accommodate the needs of all strata lot owners.

It's important to remember that the strata company is ultimately responsible for the management of the common connection to the Western Power network and the common electrical system within the strata scheme. Effective management of this shared resource will allow the benefits of renewable energy solutions to be shared by the all strata lot owners.

More information about strata titling principles can be found in Landgate's Guide to strata titles.