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New connections

New connections

Sometimes your circumstances change and you may need to cancel or change the information within your application after you have submitted it to us.

If you wish to change the scope of work in your application we will first review the change and then either:

  • continue the project with the variation and invoice you for any additional materials, design work and remobilisation costs incurred. We will typically only take this approach when the change is very minor.


  •  if the change is significant we will cancel your project. You will need to submit a new application with your new requirements.

For... Read more

We use thresholds to help determine ‘competing’ load applications as part of our Applications and Queuing Policy (AQP). Thresholds are currently defined by demand values for a given load area or network region.

Following a review of the threshold levels in June 2014, we revised our ‘Non-Competing Application Thresholds’ test and will now only consider new load applications which meet the following two criteria to be non-competing for the purpose of the AQP.

  • The total load must not exceed 1.5 MVA for its National Metering Identifier (NMI), and
  • The load application must be eligible for network... Read more

We use DIgSILENT PowerFactory as the simulation software for all power system studies carried out in the South West Interconnected Network (SWIN). For more information on the PowerFactory version, please contact your Customer Relations Consultant or Access Consultant.

Request for computer model Our Technical Rules clause 3.2.4 (b) state that the we may provide any information we receive to any User who intends to connect any equipment to the transmission system for the purposes of enabling that User to undertake any power system simulation studies it wishes to undertake, subject to that User... Read more

Strata schemes typically have a single connection point to the Western Power network that determines the total allocation of available electricity supply and generation capacity to be shared by all strata lots.

This connection point has a fixed capacity, so it's important for strata lot owners and prospective purchasers to be aware of the arrangements and obligations relating to the connection, as it may restrict their ability to install equipment such as home EV charging stations, rooftop solar panels and batteries.

Before applying to connect this type of equipment, strata lot owners should... Read more

Western Power is regulated by the state government in terms of how it can earn revenue. Our revenue (through tariffs) is determined by the size of our Regulated Asset Base (RAB).

When streetlights are added to the RAB they have an economic life of 20 years. If a streetlight is replaced or upgraded to LED when it is younger than 20 years old, there’s still some value in there that we haven’t recovered back yet.